Where do I go from here?

Hello, all!

Despite my best efforts, I have built up assorted plastic that does not go into the regular recycling, and I’d like to find a way to deal with it. I know that some stores, including Safeway, place bins out in front of their stores in which you can recycle used plastic bags. I also found this helpful site called plasticbagrecycling.org, which reminded me that you can totally recycle the plastic wrap from paper towel and toilet paper rolls. In general, as long as the plastic is clean and free of food or grease, you can recycle retail bags, newspaper bags, and dry-cleaning bags. Under the Consumers Tab on the site I mentioned above, you can find plastic drop-off locations in your state.

I am planning on filling up stainless steel bottles at Green11 or at Rainbow Grocery when I need more shampoo and conditioner. I might try the same thing with face wash. This might not work at all, as it might be hard to deal with non-squeezable metal bottles. But I’ll let you know how that goes. These two stores are in San Francisco, but there will likely be similar stores, which carry bulk body care products, in your area.

I am feeling good about what I’ve done so far, but I am still using plastic every day. In today’s world, it is almost impossible to avoid. I think I need to start thinking about how to grow the project beyond myself and my individual choices. I would welcome any thoughts about how to do this. Thanks in advance for any input!

Until next time.


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